Straight Stairlifts

Straight stairlifts can only be used on staircases where there are no turns or corners. There are various models and manufacturers on offer so the choice can sometimes be confusing. However, the companies we work with offer every option that could be necessary with regard to both the users needs and the staircase situation. A visit by a surveyor to assess these issues would soon clarify requirements and supply a quotation. You can obtain a FREE quotation or more details by completing the form opposite.

The 900-Plus straight stairlift
The 900-Compact stairlift
Perch stairlift
Outdoor stairlift

   Standard Stairlift Features

  • Swivel seat offering safe dismount at top of the stairs
  • Two handheld remote controls
  • Safety sensors to automatically stop the lift 
  • Seat belts for added safety and confidence
  • Battery driven, offering a smooth ride 

   Stairlift Options Available

  • Powered swivel seat and footrest if required
  • Hinged track to avoid blocking doorways for example
  • Perch seat for people with limited knee flexion
  • Heavy duty options
  • Choice of seat colour
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