Frequently Asked Questions

The stairlift track is fixed to the treads of the stairs via small brackets or sometimes taller posts depending on the manufacturer. Not to the walls as is often thought

A straight stairlift can typically be fitted within a couple of hours. Whereas, a curved stairlift would be more like half a day.

No, although they need to be plugged into an electrical socket, stairlifts are driven by batteries that automatically charge when the stairlift is not in use. Therefore, if there was a power cut your stairlift would still work.

Maximum weight depends on the model of stairlift. However, for a straight stairlift it would typically be 140kg/22stone. And for a curved stairlift 125kg/19.5stone

Delivery times are quickest with straight stairlifts and usually complete within a week, although quicker install times can often be arranged for emergencies. However due to the nature of curved stairlift tracks they usually take 2/4 weeks if they are made to measure. Although, some are modular and can effect a quicker turnaround..

If the track to the stairlift interferes with a door or any other obstacle a ‘Hinged Track’ is usually  the answer, although one company uses an ingenious ‘Slide Track’. 

Yes, all stairlifts fold up. This includes the seat, footrest and arms allowing other users to walk up and down the staircase with ease.


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