Choosing and buying a stairlift needn’t be a trying experience.

When you consider the benefit of being able to remain in your own home it’s well worth researching the stairlift market for viable solutions.

All the companies we recommend conduct themselves ethically and without pressure sales tactics.

Whether it’s a new stairlift or a reconditioned one they all come with at least a 12 months guarantee.

The price of stairlifts does vary depending on whether it is a straight or curved stairlift and whether any extras are required. Possible extras for example could be a track hinge to facilitate unobstructed movement through a door or maybe a power swivelling seat if the user is unable to manually turn the chair at the top of the stairs for a safe dismount.

Other specific stairlifts for example would be, a perch stairlift, these are beneficial where the user may have poor knee flexion or perhaps an outdoor stairlift to negotiate outside steps. We enjoy a good working relationship with our suppliers so you can be assured we will recommend the most suitable product for you.

If you don’t have to make any turns as you climb the stairs then you are definitely only going to require a straight stairlift. However, if your staircase has a turn, but with a decent sized intermediate landing, then sometimes it is possible to fit two straight stairlifts subject to the users abilities. In all other cases a curved stairlift would definitely be required.

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